You deal with 99 problems a day. SIGMA Actuarial Consulting is here to make sure that understanding and utilizing analytics isn’t one of them.

We Get It

It can be challenging to stay on top of the many analytical solutions available to you and your clients.

We Have Experience

SIGMA has been helping risk management professionals for 25 years to leverage analytics for a competitive advantage.

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Together, we will determine the best analytically based, data-driven solution. Let SIGMA show you how we can guide you.

The SIGMA Approach to

Your Goals

Goal #1:

Minimize Total Cost of Risk

Actuarial analysis provides the most analytically sound projection of loss liability. This sets the foundation for determining the optimum loss financing solution, which in turn minimizes the total cost of risk.

Goal #2:

Improve Decision-Making

Gut-based decision making was the norm at one point in our industry — but no longer. CFOs of companies of all sizes demand analytically based decision making. This push toward analytics filters down to risk managers and their insurance providers. Your ability to support analytical decision making will lead to winning more accounts and a higher retention rate.

Goal #3:

Leverage Analytical Prowess

The ability to extract information from data requires knowledge of analytics, a robust database, and the wisdom to ask the right questions. We call this Analytical Prowess. When you engage SIGMA you are turbocharging your organization’s Analytical Prowess.

The SIGMA advantage

How SIGMA Can Help


We help you compete with analytics and build the sophisticated resources required.

Risk Management Professionals
Accountants & Auditors
Chief Financial Officers


We know this industry and we know analytics. Our credentials cover a broad spectrum from actuarial credentials, risk management specialty credentials, and PhDs.

Our staff’s experience includes:
Actuarial Consulting
Corporate Finance
Academic Research



Loss Projections
Reserve Analysis
Captive Analyses
Confidence Intervals
Loss Payout Schedules
Workers Compensation
Automobile Liability
General Liability
Health Care Professional Liability


Captive Feasibility
Letter of credit negotiations
Budgeting for a self-insured program
Evaluating the carrier’s estimate of losses
Input to underwriting submissions
Input to stewardship reports
Preparing risk management due diligence evaluations
Determining the effectiveness of loss control programs


“SIGMA’s diverse mix of online tools and extensive actuarial consulting capabilities supports our effort to provide analytical decision making to our broad range of clients. This enhances our ability to advise our clients so they can make decisions with confidence. I continue to be impressed by SIGMA’s responsiveness, flexibility, and innovation.”

Marcia A. Linton, CRM, ARM
Senior Vice President/National Analytics Practice Leader, USI Insurance Services

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