Your clients want analytics to support decisions and gain insight into loss data. RISK66® incorporates tools and training that enhance both your analytical abilities and knowledge.

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What Is RISK66®?

RISK66® is SIGMA’s analytical toolkit. It comes packed with valuable tools and training videos to position you as the authority for your clients.

Key features of RISK66® include:

Loss Forecaster

SIGMA’s Loss Forecaster tool generates actuarially sound loss projections and reserve analyses.

It’s effective, easy-to-use
reports will impress your most analytical clients.


This loss run analytical tool provides quick insight into workers comp loss runs.

A visual representation of your client’s loss drivers is delivered in impressive reports.

Video Library

SIGMA’s library includes over 50 training videos on a variety of analytical topics.

From Loss Triangles to IBNR, our 10-minute videos will help you better understand analytics.


Flexible Licensing Options to Suit Your Needs

See RISK66® in Action

RISK66 puts the power of actuarial analytics at your fingertips. Use Loss Forecaster to generate loss projections and reserve analyses. Our loss run analytics tool, LORAN, will give you new insights into your workers compensation data.  These powerful tools are supported by a library of educational documents and training videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in a RISK66® and Loss Forecaster Demo?

Our RISK66® site demo typically lasts about 30 minutes. In it, one of our actuarial analysts provides an overview of the site, including the resource portal, training videos, and assessment tools. Then, they take you step by step through the creation of a sample loss projection report using Loss Forecaster. Any questions, including those related to your specific clients, can be discussed over the course of the demo.

What types of analyses does Loss Forecaster produce?

Loss Forecaster produces both loss projections and reserve analyses for the following lines of coverage: workers compensation, general liability, products liability, and automobile liability. Within the tool, a number of smaller variables may be adjusted, such as methodology, industry, and exposure base.

What types of services does SIGMA provide?

SIGMA primarily provides actuarial reports, including reserve analyses and loss projections. Many SIGMA clients include companies and organizations with large deductible or self-insured workers compensation, general liability, products liability, and automobile liability programs. We also provide numerous other services involving risk analysis and consulting, including loss simulation, captive feasibility studies, and cyber risk studies.

How does a trial subscription to RISK66® and Loss Forecaster work? Can I request a trial?

In order to provide excellent support and training to our trial users, we allow a limited number of trial subscriptions each year. Each trial begins with the aforementioned site demo and then provides a healthy amount of time for you and your colleagues to interact and grow more comfortable with RISK66®’s tools and educational resources. Our support team is available throughout that period to answer any questions that arise. To request a trial, contact us at

What other tools are included within RISK66®?

In addition to the resource portal, training videos, and assessment tools, RISK66® includes LORAN.  This analytic tool imports loss run files and provides insight into loss drivers in sharp, detailed reports.

What does the process of engaging SIGMA for an actuarial analysis look like?

Engaging SIGMA for an actuarial analysis is a simple process designed to ensure your comfort with an understanding of the resulting report. Once SIGMA has been contacted, we work with you to establish initial details of the report, including scope, complexity, timeline, and fee. All data relevant to the report, such as loss runs, exposure, and retention levels, will then be delivered to SIGMA. After the data has been collected and prepared, and a report has been created, SIGMA will issue an initial draft of the exhibits for you and your team to review. SIGMA will then be available for meetings regarding any questions or concerns about the report itself. When you are fully comfortable with the report, a final version will be issued including textual support that an explanation of details and methodology for you to reference going forward.