pbs_largeThe content in our Powered by SIGMA portal continues to grow!  If you have not already registered for access to the portal, please visit www.SIGMAactuary.com/register today.

This blog provides a brief summary of recent additions to our content.  Also, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a mobile website that brings all the Powered by SIGMA resources conveniently to your iPad.  

LDF Interpolator – This is an Excel-based tool that estimates monthly loss development factors from a source of annual factors.

Cone of Uncertainty – This is a one page graphic that illustrates how costs and risks vary at different retention levels.

Actuarial Analysis Map – This diagram helps explain the flow of data and computation necessary for a loss projection and reserve analysis.

Captive Manager Directory – This directory lists Captive Managers we have had the opportunity to work with over the years. We are frequently asked by brokers and agents which captive managers we have experience working with. This list is in response to that request.

Captive Domiciles – This is a quick reference list of various captive domiciles along with an estimate of the number of captives in each domicile.

Actuarial Review Checklist – This checklist is designed to help those who are required to review actuarial reports as part of an overall risk management review process. This is typically done for equity firms and banks that are investing or loaning large sums to an organization.

If you have resource ideas you would like to suggest, please email me your ideas. If you would like to schedule an on-site Powered by SIGMA training session this year, again, please email me directly.

Tim Coomer

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