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SIGMA's 2023 Highlights

Despite market uncertainty and numerous obstacles in the insurance industry this past year, the SIGMA team has persistently directed its focus towards growth, education, and delivering exceptional service to our clients. Fortunately, our dedicated efforts in these areas have not gone unnoticed, resulting in multiple accolades for our staff, both individually and collectively. This recognition […]

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SIGMA's 2022 Highlights

Obstacles and challenges in the insurance industry abounded in 2022, which presented difficulties globally. As we reflect on the last year, perhaps the largest challenge we faced as a firm was losing our beloved CEO, Timothy Coomer, PhD to a two year cancer battle. Tim’s original goal for SIGMA, which was to provide superb actuarial […]

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SIGMA's 2021 Highlights

Numerous obstacles and challenges for the insurance industry continued to linger in 2021, but SIGMA’s goal of providing superb actuarial services, educational resources, and opportunities for employee growth has remained undeterred.  SIGMA is very fortunate that our excellence in these areas has once again been recognized by our insurance colleagues.  Our accolades, articles, and interviews […]

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Common Questions on Warranty Risks and Coverages

Can you provide a basic definition of warranty coverage? Without getting into the terminology yet, “warranty coverage” typically covers a product that fails to work as intended before it reaches its operational life expectancy. This is different from the product wearing out from normal use. The common term for a product failing to operate as […]

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Reviewing and Preparing Your Captive’s Reserve Analysis

An actuarial reserve analysis provides a professional opinion regarding the loss reserves required for unpaid claims incurred as of a specific date (commonly referred to as the evaluation date) and is typically prepared to meet regulatory or financial reporting criteria. They are also often required by external auditors as part of the audit process. The […]

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SIGMA's Highlights of 2020

Despite the challenges presented throughout 2020, the SIGMA team has continued to focus on growth, education, and superb service for our clients. Fortunately, our efforts in these areas have not gone unnoticed, as our staff, both individually and collectively, has garnered multiple accolades over the past year. We are honored to have received such recognition, […]

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Managing Unmanned Aircraft Systems Risks Through Research and Analytics

Researching and Analyzing Unmanned Aircraft Systems Risk:  An Interview with Chris Duling In today’s world, technological innovations are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace, and alongside those emerging technologies often come emerging risks. For companies to understand and mitigate these risks, they must first be quantified, but unfortunately, company-specific claim data is typically not available. […]

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2020 Collateral Environment and SIGMA's Collateral Survey

Following the financial challenges of 2008, SIGMA noticed a significant change in the collateral environment related to self-insured and large deductible programs. In 2009, we began conducting a collateral survey that attempted to gather industry perspective on a range of collateral issues. SIGMA offers many resources in the area of collateral, some of which may […]

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COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Q&A with Bill Wilson

We are pleased to have one of our favorite guest bloggers back with us. In my 30+ years in the P&C insurance world, I rarely meet anyone with more industry knowledge and experience than Bill. Today, he shares this valuable industry expertise on business interruption insurance and the current pandemic. I think you will find […]

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SIGMA's Reflections on a Great Year

As SIGMA enters both a new year and decade, we wanted to reflect on our team’s accomplishments in 2019 and focus on how they’ll shape our future. With the global insurance market continuing to harden, analytics are becoming increasingly important in negotiating and assessing risk. A great first step in getting ahead of the analytic […]

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