The DAPPER Scorecard for Actuarial Topics

Timothy L. Coomer, Ph.D.

7 Powerful Questions that will Challenge the Prospect's Incumbent Broker:

During the past year, I have had the good fortune of visiting with many agents and brokers and sharing what “Powered by SIGMA” is all about.  During these meetings, I get some excellent questions.  The most common ones are:

  1. How do I know if a client or prospect would benefit from an actuarial analysis?
  2. How do I use actuarial analysis in the sales process to create a competitive advantage?
  3. How do I utilize all the resources in the Powered by SIGMA portal and how do I engage SIGMA?

I am going to address each of these questions through our blog. In this blog, we are going to address question 2, “How do I use actuarial analysis in the sales process to create a competitive advantage?”  Since my background is in math, software, and rocket science, I turned to my good friends Frank Pennachio and Susan Toussaint at The WorkComp Advisory Group for some guidance.  I have known and worked with Frank for over 15 years, most intensely during my years as CEO of Specific Software Solutions (ModMaster).  I met Susan when she and Frank teamed up to start The WorkComp Advisory Group (I’ll call it WCAG) about five years ago.

Frank and Susan are both life long teachers and trainers.  The WCAG provides training and leadership to a broad spectrum of agencies and brokerage firms.  I have spoken at some of their meetings and therefore had the opportunity to sit in on some of their training sessions.  I have always been a believer in their style of sales training.  This has been supported by feedback from the brokers I know who have successfully implemented WCAG strategies.

One particular process that I like is called the DAPPER ProcessTM.  I won’t attempt to explain it in detail (see for more detail).  Basically, it is a tool designed to help you engage in dialog with clients so they can identify their risks and threats.  The DAPPER ProcessTM is just one piece of the WCAG puzzle.  But, it is the piece where I think the prospect can be presented with questions that address the need for actuarial analysis.  I worked with our staff and provided some suggestions to Frank and Susan and they developed a DAPPER scorecard related to actuarial topics.  This can be found in our portal ( and can be viewed by clicking on the DAPPER scorecard below:

Daper Scorecard

These seven questions give you the opportunity to help the prospective client identify risks or concerns in the areas where actuarial analysis may be the solution.  I believe this question centered dialog is an effective method.  Obviously, the DAPPER ProcessTM and overall WCAG sales strategy is very involved.  I strongly encourage you to call Frank or Susan at 1-888-496-1117 to learn more.  However, these questions stand on their own and can be a powerful way to challenge the incumbent – especially when you know you have SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc. on your team!

Please post a comment here or contact me directly if you have questions.  If you would like to schedule a conference call with one of our staff to discuss in more depth how these questions fit with your current #1 prospect, email or call me to schedule.

Tim Coomer

We welcome your feedback by posting a comment, or contact Tim at

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