A picture can be worth a thousand words.  Or, in this case, a “map” can be an easy way to explain how the terminology used by actuaries fits together in one diagram.

If you are a broker, you will eventually discuss with some of your clients the following terms and how they all work together:

  • Loss Data
  • Loss Development Factors
  • Ultimate Losses
  • Paid Losses
  • Outstanding Liability
  • Trend Factors
  • Trended Losses
  • Exposure Data
  • Trend Factors
  • Trended Exposures
  • Pure Loss Rate
  • Projected Exposures
  • Projected Losses

So, as SIGMA continues to develop and publish resources that help you communicate, we decided to visually show how they are related in our “Actuarial Analysis Map.”  The map is shown below and you can download a copy from the portal at www.SIGMAactuary.com/resources.

Actuarial Analysis Map

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