As we continue with this year’s series on being an Analytical Broker, I wanted to emphasize the importance of fundamentals. Being an Analytical Broker requires certain fundamental “blocking and tackling” skills which must be mastered before higher level analytics can be considered.  In this case, “blocking and tackling” refers to your ability to interpret loss projections and reserve analyses for clients with any type of self-insured retention.

In an effort to make some of the terms and methodologies easier to digest, our president and senior actuary, Al Rhodes, ACAS, MAAA put together a couple of straight-forward charts that show how different terms relate to each other and build to compute projected losses and outstanding liabilities. Thumbnails of these graphics are shown below, which you can click to access our current resource portal.  To register for a free account, please click here.

Loss Map Actuarial Analysis Map

As I have mentioned previously, we are building an all new educational portal which is set to launch in early 2016. Included in this upcoming portal are some brand new resources that we are very excited about: educational videos. We’ve had a great response to these and wanted to share a couple “pre-release” versions that support the topic of loss projections and reserve analyses. Click on the thumbnails of the videos below to view.

Loss Development Factor Video Loss Development Triangles

Finally, while I frequently reference our popular Actuarial Advantage booklet, I find it is especially relevant to today’s topic. It is an excellent, readable summary of actuarial topics and is available immediately from our current resource portal by clicking here and downloading a PDF copy.

If you have any questions on these materials or would like to discuss specific client needs, please email me at