In 2010, after selling Specific Software Solutions, I went on a whirlwind tour to visit brokers around the country. The purpose was to ask one question, “What challenges does the property/casualty brokerage industry face?” The response was consistent and best summarized by a quote I wrote down to use as the motivation for my PhD research:

“If you can figure out who will succeed as a salesperson, then you will have solved the biggest challenge this industry faces!”

Years ago, a meta-analysis of a large number of research studies showed that hard working (conscientious) and outgoing (extraverted) individuals made for great salespeople. The traits examined in these studies can be measured with a high degree of reliability, but unfortunately, they typically explain only a very small fraction of sales performance. So, my overall question shifted from, “what personality traits are best suited for sales roles” to, “how can personality traits be better utilized to explain differences in sales performance?”

In more recent years, several unique and exciting new theories have emerged on the ways we examine these personality traits, which fit nicely with my understanding of what it takes to be a top sales performer in our industry. What are they? Well, you will have to participate in my research and receive the results of the study to find out!

Right now, I am undertaking a massive effort to recruit participants for one of the most comprehensive and complex studies of salespeople in our industry. I would like for you to participate in this research so I can share with you the competitive insights that emerge. Top industry leaders have recognized this research as significant. I am especially thankful for the support and coordination with Zywave, Inc. [Zywave is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions for the insurance industry. To learn more, visit]

Participation is straightforward, and I will personally work with a representative from your organization to walk you through the process.

Become part of a movement to shift our industry several steps closer to consistently identifying and hiring great producers. To participate, please email me directly at

Benefits for participation:

  • Receive a concise summary of research results with discussion on how one could utilize these findings within their organization.
  • Receive an aggregate comparison of your organization to overall research participants (NOTE: all individual responses are kept confidential).

Contact Information:

Timothy L. Coomer, CEO
SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc.
5301 Virginia Way, STE 230
Brentwood, TN 37027
866-ACTUARY x 203 or (615) 376-5110 x 203
In addition to being the CEO of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc., Tim is a PhD student at the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University.