With only a few weeks left before I close the door on the Producer Personality– Sales Performance research, I wanted to extend one final participation offer and share two videos and a podcast.

Email me today at TLC@SIGMAactuary.com to participate before it is too late. There is no cost to participate, but you will receive significant value!

Here are some key notes:

  • Participation in the research is FREE.
  • Participation is also easy: Salespeople complete a 20 minute survey, and supervisors complete a 5 minute survey for each salesperson.
  • You will receive an agency-specific report offering valuable insight into how your organization compares to the research group as a whole.
  • The podcast discusses how Grit, Grit@Work, Psychological Capital, Honesty-Humility, and other personality traits may impact sales performance.
  • The two short videos explain the benefits of this research and highlight one of the most common mistakes agencies make in the producer hiring process.

Short overview of Research: [4 minutes and 19 seconds]: https://youtu.be/KjfR49-ApZQ

How to participate and how you will benefit: [2 minutes and 28 seconds]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBaLPJbbq-g

Podcast with Frank Pennachio of Oceanus Partners: http://www.brainshark.com/oceanuspartners/vu?pi=zHTziBnWEz9doEz0

This is my last blog outreach on Producer Personality – Sales Performance research. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all participants.

Years ago when I designed ModMaster software (now owned by Zywave, Inc.), it became a must-have for agencies due to the powerful competitive advantage it offered. You just couldn’t compete with an agency that had ModMaster unless you had it yourself. My goal with the Producer Personality – Sales Performance research is to provide participating agencies that exact type of powerful competitive advantage. With the cost to you being an extremely small allotment of time, I cannot express just how great the return on investment will be.