Get on BoardThe types of calls I receive on analytics typically fall into two categories. One is from producers who lost an account because the competition offered an analytics-based decision approach. As a result, they want to know how to go up against this type of broker in the future.

The other is from a producer who has successfully “read the tea leaves” and knows they must prepare to offer a strong, analytical approach to decision-making at an upcoming presentation for a large potential client.

After receiving a number of these calls, I decided to write a blog providing context on these issues as well as potential solutions. First, I want to share with you a YouTube video I recently published, which will give you some background on the analytical movement in our industry.

Second, I want to suggest two ways to start effectively delivering analytics:

A) Our site,, provides education, resources, and the popular Loss Forecaster software tool. We have over 900 top producers utilizing this site to support and acquire large accounts. Click here to view a short video describing the benefits of RISK66.

B) SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc. is our analytics group which has served the nation’s top producers for 22 years. Al Rhodes, ACAS, MAAA, president of SIGMA, and myself, Timothy L. Coomer, PhD, CEO of SIGMA, are setting aside a few hours each month for scheduled brainstorming sessions with producers. If you are serious about utilizing SIGMA, I can send you an email with several questions to determine if you qualify for this offering. For those who do qualify, I will follow up with a link to our calendar where you can book a 45-minute session with us.

Now, you should have both a better understanding of the rise of analytics and a roadmap for how to engage with analytics on a more powerful level. We appreciate the opportunity to provide this educational resource and hope it allows you to hone your competitive edge even further on the route to success.