As SIGMA enters both a new year and decade, we wanted to reflect on our team’s accomplishments in 2019 and focus on how they’ll shape our future. With the global insurance market continuing to harden, analytics are becoming increasingly important in negotiating and assessing risk. A great first step in getting ahead of the analytic curve is having an independent loss projection analysis prepared for the upcoming year. Doing so will help set financial expectations and assist in the renewal process.

Using SIGMA’s expertise, you’ll be able to examine underlying loss data, isolate injury or geographic trends, and review multi-scenario confidence level analyses. If prior liabilities are a concern, we can assist with reserve analyses, collateral support, and statements of actuarial opinions. 2019 was a great year for SIGMA and a fantastic way to end the decade! Our accomplishments, which are summarized in the graphic below, highlight our ever-growing realm of expertise and commitment to professional excellence. If you’d like to discuss how these designations and accomplishments may be used to benefit your firm or organization, or if you have any other analytic needs, please contact us or schedule a call.

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