2020 Collateral Environment and SIGMA's Collateral Survey

Michelle Bradley, ACAS, MAAA, ARM, CERA, CCIS

Following the financial challenges of 2008, SIGMA noticed a significant change in the collateral environment related to self-insured and large deductible programs. In 2009, we began conducting a collateral survey that attempted to gather industry perspective on a range of collateral issues.

SIGMA offers many resources in the area of collateral, some of which may be found below.

Note: the following links require a login to RISK66.com. Register for free educational access.

    • Collateral Requirements Graphic – this one-page document details the five main steps of determining collateral and explains how actuarial analytics can impact this process.
    • Large Deductible Graphic – this document offers perspective on some of the key decision points surrounding large deductible programs, including collateral requirements.
    • SIGMA Talks for Current and Prospective Clients – these two documents can serve as a guide for helping clients feel comfortable and confident when discussing collateral.
    • Loss Forecaster Overview – the Loss Forecaster tool within RISK66 can provide a reserve analysis on historical losses, which is a crucial component of the collateral calculation.
  • SIGMA Snapshot: Reserve Analysis – this “snapshot” document covers reserve analyses in greater detail and offers insight into how they are used when determining collateral.
  • Collateral Requirements Video - this video discusses collateral requirements including what they are, why they are needed, and how they should be determined and managed.

Additionally, the results of SIGMA’s 2013 survey may be found here.

Many of the challenges brought forth in 2020 have a direct impact on collateral, such as the overall economy, the hardening insurance market, uncertainty related to the pandemic, and the overall credit worthiness of some insureds. We believe the information derived from this survey will be valuable in helping alleviate collateral issues, but in order to do so, credible data is necessary. The published results will be shared with our survey participants, and each submission will be entered into our drawing to give away $50 Amazon Gift Cards to 10 participants!

We would appreciate you taking the brief survey at the following link: http://sigmaactuary.com/survey

We welcome your questions or feedback.  Contact us at support@SIGMAactuary.com

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