SIGMA's Highlights of 2020

Enoch Starnes, ACI, Actuarial Consultant

Despite the challenges presented throughout 2020, the SIGMA team has continued to focus on growth, education, and superb service for our clients. Fortunately, our efforts in these areas have not gone unnoticed, as our staff, both individually and collectively, has garnered multiple accolades over the past year. We are honored to have received such recognition, and it only serves to spur our belief that the best way to navigate an increasingly complex insurance landscape is through expansive knowledge and effective communication.

SIGMA’s engagements this year have also included opportunities to provide our thoughts and ideas on analytical topics in numerous publications. We believe dialogue such as this is especially important when faced with such a difficult period, and we hope these articles have helped our audience better analyze and manage their risk-related portfolios. Both our accolades and published articles, as well as various other highlights, can be found in the graphic shown below.

As we move into a new year, we’d like to once again thank our fantastic clients, as these highlights would not be possible if not for the opportunities presented by their unique goals, challenges, and experiences. We are truly appreciative of all who have helped us in this way and are excited to further these relationships in 2021. If you’d like to discuss how the SIGMA team can help serve your firm or organization’s analytic needs in the coming year, please contact us or schedule a call.

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