Numerous obstacles and challenges for the insurance industry continued to linger in 2021, but SIGMA’s goal of providing superb actuarial services, educational resources, and opportunities for employee growth has remained undeterred.  SIGMA is very fortunate that our excellence in these areas has once again been recognized by our insurance colleagues.  Our accolades, articles, and interviews featured in highly respected insurance outlets serve as a reminder that the work we’re doing is important, and it also provides encouragement to push ourselves to be even better in the coming year.  

As always, SIGMA’s thanks go first and foremost to our clients, who provide us with the opportunities to enhance our innovative actuarial services and educational resources.  We would also like to thank those who have allowed us to make our voices heard in the wider insurance industry.  Our hope is that these relationships will continue to strengthen in 2022, and SIGMA looks forward to reconnecting with our colleagues and partners in person at conferences throughout the year.

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