Author: Al Rhodes, ACAS, MAAA

Exploring the Captive's Journey to Operational Efficiency

Al Rhodes recently authored an article for Captive Review titled "Exploring the Captive's Journey to Operational Efficiency”. Co-authors of this article are Jason Flaxbeard and Andrew Golub of Beecher Carlson. In this piece, they discuss how industry practices are changing and evolving and what you can do to stay ahead with a successful captive strategy. […]

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Why Get An Independent Review?

There are many reasons an actuary may be engaged to complete an actuarial report, everything from due diligence to regulatory requirements. These engagements commonly involve review work which require the engaged actuary to review another actuary’s report for a large deductible program, captive submission, or NAIC reporting requirements. Glenn Richards is a Partner at Crowe […]

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Actuarial Analysis Map

A picture can be worth a thousand words.  Or, in this case, a "map" can be an easy way to explain how the terminology used by actuaries fits together in one diagram. If you are a broker, you will eventually discuss with some of your clients the following terms and how they all work together: […]

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Benchmarking Improved Loss Experience Due to a Loss Control Program

Note: The following article uses workers compensation as an example only. The technique is applicable to any line of coverage. A very effective method to measure the impact of a loss control program is an analysis of losses versus payroll. This statistic is called the pure loss rate. The pure loss rate is calculated by […]

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