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Analytics for Emerging Enterprise Risks

Michelle Bradley recently authored an article for Captive International titled “Analytics for Emerging Enterprise Risks.” In it, she discusses how as a captive matures, advanced correlation analytics and financial statement modelling may be necessary to ensure the most efficient strategies and programmes are in place Click to download a PDF copy We welcome your feedback […]

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Why Get An Independent Review?

There are many reasons an actuary may be engaged to complete an actuarial report, everything from due diligence to regulatory requirements. These engagements commonly involve review work which require the engaged actuary to review another actuary’s report for a large deductible program, captive submission, or NAIC reporting requirements. Glenn Richards is a Partner at Crowe […]

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Actuarial Analytics for Acquisitions

When a company begins the due diligence process for acquiring another entity, several actuarial factors must be considered.  For risk related specifically to property and casualty, the main question needing to be answered pertains to the actual liabilities being acquired and how accurately they are being estimated. When the target company has maintained insurance programs […]

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The Choice is Yours: Compete With Analytics – or Get Beat by Analytics

The types of calls I receive on analytics typically fall into two categories. One is from producers who lost an account because the competition offered an analytics-based decision approach. As a result, they want to know how to go up against this type of broker in the future. The other is from a producer who […]

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Reserve Allocation by Entity

By Michelle Bradley, ACAS, MAAA, ARM, CERA and Enoch Starnes Through a series of blog posts, SIGMA has begun to address some common questions, requirements, and issues based on our previous experience with clients and auditors. Prior entries have focused on qualifications and factors surrounding the actuarial analysis. In this post, we’d like to dive […]

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Predictive Analytics and the Analytical Broker

In the television drama, "Person of Interest," massive amounts of surveillance data, complex algorithms, and some interesting special effects help us imagine just how far data analysis and predictive analytics might someday go in order to predict risk. While the show’s early 2011 premiere was purely fictitious, the explosive case of N.S.A. whistle-blower Edward Snowden […]

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Enterprise Risk Management: A Framework for Analytics

Last month, I introduced the concept of an “analytical broker” and discussed the push for analytics from the C-Suite down through the organizations that are your clients. I also used a small vignette to raise the question, “what is an analytical broker?” This month, I introduce enterprise risk management from a new perspective. One of […]

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Big Data, Analytics, and the “Analytical Broker”

Imagine that you are sitting across from a risk manager during a sales presentation. The company is a fast growing manufacturing firm and would be the largest new account for your agency this year. You’ve covered your firm’s capabilities and are optimistic about the account’s acquisition. Then, the risk manager throws a potential wrench into […]

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Important Dates in an Actuarial Analysis

By Michelle Bradley, ACAS, MAAA, ERM, CERA and Enoch Starnes Through a series of blogs, SIGMA has begun to address some common questions, requirements, and issues based on our previous experience with clients and auditors. The first blog in the series focused on actuarial qualifications and an actuarial qualification statement. The second focused on auditor […]

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SIGMA's Collateral Survey Results

In the last quarter of 2013, SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group invited a group of insurance brokers, risk management consultants, and risk management staff of self-funded concerns to participate in a survey regarding collateral. This survey was similar to the ones conducted by SIGMA in 2009 through 2012. The goal of the survey was to assess, […]

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