SIGMA is highly active in the captive industry, and as such, we are often engaged to complete the analytical portion of captive feasibility studies. Over the course of our captive involvement, we have been able to work with numerous on-shore and off-shore domiciles, and one of the most interesting insights we’ve taken from these relationships is that potential captive owners may be unaware of the role an actuary plays in captive formation.

In light of this, we decided to develop a PDF resource and brochure related to both the captive formation process and SIGMA’s potential role within it. We start by presenting a high-level captive overview, then address some fundamental questions, such as “what is a captive insurance company,” “why would I use a captive over traditional insurance,” and “how do I form a captive.” From there, the focus shifts to SIGMA’s analytical capabilities in the captive area and the data required to begin the analytical process.

If you or your client are new to the captive formation process, this brochure will highlight the key issues and summarize the analytical process.

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