Author: Enoch Starnes, ACI, Actuarial Consultant

Analytical Strategies for Large Deductible Policies

When companies are determining a large deductible policy structure for their P&C risks, it is unfortunately all too common for the final decision to be based on “back of the napkin” calculations. This is often due to a lack of time, resources, or comfort in using more effective analytical approaches.  One of SIGMA’s objectives as an […]

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Optimizing Your Large Deductible Policy

Large deductible policies provide companies the opportunity to reduce their insurance premiums in exchange for a portion of the retained losses from a covered risk. In some cases, the amount retained by an insured is based on costs from individual claims or occurrences, but it might also be based on the total cost of claims […]

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Silent Evidence in the Captive Insurance Landscape

Enoch Starnes recently authored an article for Captive International titled "Silent Evidence in the Captive Insurance Landscape”. ‘Silent’ evidence is information we don’t have access to due to the type of data being collected or our own inability to recognize that it exists, and it needs to be taken into account when considering risk placement for a […]

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SIGMA's 2021 Highlights

Numerous obstacles and challenges for the insurance industry continued to linger in 2021, but SIGMA’s goal of providing superb actuarial services, educational resources, and opportunities for employee growth has remained undeterred.  SIGMA is very fortunate that our excellence in these areas has once again been recognized by our insurance colleagues.  Our accolades, articles, and interviews […]

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SIGMA's Highlights of 2020

Despite the challenges presented throughout 2020, the SIGMA team has continued to focus on growth, education, and superb service for our clients. Fortunately, our efforts in these areas have not gone unnoticed, as our staff, both individually and collectively, has garnered multiple accolades over the past year. We are honored to have received such recognition, […]

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An Actuarial Advantage in the Classroom: An Interview with Michael Zuckerman of Temple University

At SIGMA, we pride ourselves in our efforts to educate both our own clients and the general insurance industry on actuarial concepts and methodology. Nearly fifteen years ago, we developed a booklet as part of these efforts titled “An Actuarial Advantage,” which has been utilized by over 100,000 insurance and other related professionals to understand […]

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Silent Evidence

What is silent evidence? How can I look for it? What benefit does it provide? As technology advances, companies are continuing to get better and better at capturing, manipulating, and examining data. One of the many results of this improvement is that the ability to differentiate your approach to risk management from others is gradually […]

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Transitioning from Loss Forecaster to a SIGMA Analysis

Throughout SIGMA’s experience with supporting and improving the Loss Forecaster software, one question has appeared time and time again from our users:  why would they transition from utilizing Loss Forecaster to engaging SIGMA in an actuarial analysis, and how do they know when the time is right?  In this blog post, we hope to address […]

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