Author: Michelle Bradley, ACAS, MAAA, ARM, CERA, CCIS

SIGMA's 2023 Collateral Survey Results

In 2023, SIGMA conducted a collateral survey to assess, on a national basis, trends in collateral negotiations, exposures, reviews, arbitration, and many other factors. Since 2009, SIGMA has conducted this survey eight times which has allowed us to better understand both short-term and long-term trends. Collateral is especially important during times of financial uncertainty, such as […]

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Mid-year 2022 Actuarial Report Prep

At the end of 2021, we offered guidance on preparing for a year-end actuarial analysis. June is now here, and many companies are considering a mid-year actuarial report for retained liabilities and prospective loss projections.  Quarterly or semi-annual actuarial reports can help eliminate year-end surprises and manage overall financial reporting. This may be particularly helpful […]

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Enterprise Risk Management

Michelle Bradley, Consulting Actuary at SIGMA Actuarial Consulting, and Chrystina Howard, Vice President of Client Analytics at HUB International, recently authored an article for Captive Insurance Times titled, "Enterprise Risk Management.” In this article, Michelle and Chrystina explain why it is important for an organization to implement an effective ERM approach, as well as the […]

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Year-end 2021 Actuarial Report Prep

November is here, and the time is quickly approaching for most companies to complete their annual actuarial report for retained liabilities. As you begin preparing for your company’s year-end 2021 analysis, review the list of tips below to help ensure this process is smooth and effective. Do you need reserve analysis numbers in early January? […]

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SIGMA's Collateral Survey Results

In the last quarter of 2020, SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group invited a group of insurance brokers, risk management consultants, and risk management staff of self-funded concerns to participate in a survey regarding collateral. This survey was similar to the ones conducted periodically by SIGMA from 2009 through 2014. A summary of the collateral survey and […]

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2020 Collateral Environment and SIGMA's Collateral Survey

Following the financial challenges of 2008, SIGMA noticed a significant change in the collateral environment related to self-insured and large deductible programs. In 2009, we began conducting a collateral survey that attempted to gather industry perspective on a range of collateral issues. SIGMA offers many resources in the area of collateral, some of which may […]

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Reputational Risk

Michelle Bradley was recently interviewed by the Captive Insurance Times in an article titled “Risking it all”. In it, she discusses the increase in reputational risk being placed into captives, especially over the last two years. You can read Michelle's interview by clicking the link below and navigating to page 17. Click to view the […]

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SIGMA's Reflections on a Great Year

As SIGMA enters both a new year and decade, we wanted to reflect on our team’s accomplishments in 2019 and focus on how they’ll shape our future. With the global insurance market continuing to harden, analytics are becoming increasingly important in negotiating and assessing risk. A great first step in getting ahead of the analytic […]

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Analytics for Emerging Enterprise Risks

Michelle Bradley recently authored an article for Captive International titled “Analytics for Emerging Enterprise Risks.” In it, she discusses how as a captive matures, advanced correlation analytics and financial statement modelling may be necessary to ensure the most efficient strategies and programmes are in place Click to download a PDF copy We welcome your feedback […]

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Group Captive Exit

The topics covered in SIGMA’s blog often originate from questions that our CEO, Tim Coomer, receives when traveling to speak with our clients. Multiple questions have emerged from some of his recent trips regarding frustrations with group captives, how to exit a group captive, and how to review various alternatives including guaranteed cost and large […]

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