Author: Michelle Bradley, ACAS, MAAA, ARM, CERA, CCIS, Consulting Actuary and Enoch Starnes, ACI, Captive and Complex Risk Consultant

Defining and Modeling Adverse Scenarios for Captive Insurance

As part of SIGMA’s continuing efforts to provide actuarial expertise and guidance to the captive industry, we recently wrote an article for Captive International, a UK-based publication, discussing adverse loss scenario modeling. In it, Michelle Bradley and Enoch Starnes discuss the various circumstances that might impact the adverse loss scenario within a feasibility study, as […]

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The Role of an Actuary in Captive Insurance

Michelle Bradley and Enoch Starnes recently authored a piece in Captive Insurance Times' Domicile Handbook Volume 5. In it, they discuss the role of an actuary in captive insurance and why it's important. Read the full piece by clicking the link below and navigating to pages 12-13. Click to read Michelle and Enoch's piece  We […]

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