Author: Michelle Bradley, ACAS, MAAA, ARM, CERA, CCIS, Consulting Actuary and Enoch Starnes, ACI, Captive and Complex Risk Consultant

Loss Development Factors: A Primer for Captives

Michelle Bradley and Enoch Starnes recently authored an article for Captive International titled “Loss Development Factors: A Primer for Captives”. In it, they summarize the basic attributes of loss development factors, discuss their impact on retained risk, and respond to common questions regarding their use. While the SIGMA team has written in the past about […]

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Visualizing Risk Retention and Variation

Over ten years ago, Tim Coomer developed the “Cone of Uncertainty” graphic and wrote a corresponding article on the decisions surrounding risk assumption and retention levels. When Tim heard about concepts that SIGMA’s clients struggled to comprehend, he would often prepare a “one pager” to add to our educational resource library. The “Cone of Uncertainty” […]

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Tracking Estimated Required Reserve Changes for Captives

Michelle Bradley and Enoch Starnes recently authored an article for Captive International titled "Tracking Estimated Required Reserve Changes for Captives”. The modern captive insurance landscape encompasses a wide array of risks, ranging from traditional, well-understood coverages to emerging perils with limited historical information. No matter what risks are placed into a captive, it will at […]

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SIGMA's Advanced Analytics Overview Brochure

Companies of all sizes are continuously finding new ways to integrate advanced data analytics into their risk management strategies.  Based on the relative dominance of “big data” in industry headlines, these innovative efforts don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Despite the increasing popularity of analytics, many companies still only see their actuary as […]

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Identifying Collateral Concerns for Captives

Enoch Starnes and Michelle Bradley recently authored an article for Captive International titled “Identifying Collateral Concerns for Captives.” Many insurance professionals interested in the captive industry may not have a solid understanding of collateral concepts, so the article focuses on a high-level overview of the collateral formula, common collateral issues, and suggestions on how to […]

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SIGMA's Collateral Overview Brochure

Collateral requirements are a common topic in the insurance industry, as companies with large deductible or self-insured programs are required to post collateral to secure their associated liabilities.  States requiring this type of security typically have a well-defined process for determining the collateral amount.  Unfortunately, that may not be the case for carriers whose formulas […]

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Evaluating Captive Retention Structures in a Hard Market

Enoch Starnes and Michelle Bradley recently authored an article for Captive International titled “Evaluating Captive Retention Structures in a Hard Market.” In it, they discuss the analytics needed to support retention selection and program structure development. Also included is a high-level examination of various total cost of risk (TCOR) metrics. While the article primarily focuses […]

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SIGMA's Captive Brochure

SIGMA is highly active in the captive industry, and as such, we are often engaged to complete the analytical portion of captive feasibility studies. Over the course of our captive involvement, we have been able to work with numerous on-shore and off-shore domiciles, and one of the most interesting insights we’ve taken from these relationships […]

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Loss Development Analysis for Captives

Recently, Captive International published an article by Enoch Starnes and Michelle Bradley addressing the implications of loss development factors and patterns for captives. Since SIGMA’s educational resources related to loss development factors, loss development triangles, and similar topics are consistently the most utilized in our RISK66 library, we were excited for the chance to extend […]

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Managing Unmanned Aircraft Systems Risks Through Research and Analytics

Researching and Analyzing Unmanned Aircraft Systems Risk:  An Interview with Chris Duling In today’s world, technological innovations are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace, and alongside those emerging technologies often come emerging risks. For companies to understand and mitigate these risks, they must first be quantified, but unfortunately, company-specific claim data is typically not available. […]

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