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Go Big, or Go Home

Helping agencies and brokerage firms of all sizes to be Analytically-Based, Data-DrivenSM is the core mission of SIGMA.  In today's market, you hear a lot about the need for analytics.  Our good friends, Frank Pennachio and Susan Toussaint, at Oceanus Partners addressed this subject in a recent white paper.  This paper is featured in this […]

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Strategy: Beyond Buzzwords - Here Is Something You Can Do Now!

Business strategy is my favorite business subject. Recently, I started a doctoral program at Oklahoma State University to work toward a PhD in Business. Strategy is one of the first “deep dives” of the doctoral program and it seemed fitting to start off this year’s blog discussing strategy, specifically, how does SIGMA fit into your […]

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Do you have a response to the McKinsey Report?

If you have not read this compelling report, “Agents of the Future: The Evolution of Property and Casualty Insurance Distribution,” the report can be found here.  It is a 15 minute read and well worth the time. I strongly suggest you read the report, but here are just a few excerpts: Article Excerpts “Where agents […]

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Approaching a Prospect that has a Large Deductible Workers Compensation Policy

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with Powered by SIGMA brokers on a weekly basis as I travel around the country.  My goal is always to make sure I understand the challenges facing PBS brokers and how SIGMA and the PBS resources might best support our PBS members. Topics that are discussed […]

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The DAPPER Scorecard for Actuarial Topics

7 Powerful Questions that will Challenge the Prospect's Incumbent Broker:During the past year, I have had the good fortune of visiting with many agents and brokers and sharing what “Powered by SIGMA” is all about.  During these meetings, I get some excellent questions.  The most common ones are: How do I know if a client […]

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