Author: Timothy L. Coomer, Ph.D.

Placing Risk Through Data and Analytics

Tim Coomer, Enoch Starnes, and Michelle Bradley recently authored an article for Captive International's Cayman Focus titled “Placing Risk Through Data and Analytics.” In it, they discuss how the pandemic has created almost unprecedented amounts of uncertainty within the risk management landscape and decision-makers are looking for viable alternative methods of handling risk. Click the […]

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Captive Feasibility Video

The captive industry offers a wide variety of solutions to the issues faced by companies needing property and casualty insurance coverage, but exploring these options can easily start to feel like an overwhelming prospect. While decisions regarding structure and domicile may provide a solid understanding of the captive’s future operations, the ultimate decision is based […]

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When Do I Call an Actuary

At SIGMA, we often get asked “how big does a company have to be to benefit from an actuarial analysis?” The question usually suggests there is some minimum loss or premium level that would trigger the need for an actuarial analysis. As you might imagine, it is typically more complicated than simply setting a threshold […]

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The New Psychology of Sales Performance

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet one of the insurance brokerage industry’s most successful producers. This man had generated millions of dollars in commissions for years, had been labeled a “power broker” by industry journals, and was managing one of the most successful regional offices for a national brokerage firm. We […]

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Components of a Loss Analysis

A workers compensation loss analysis can be utilized in a number of ways depending on the situation and needs of the user. Reserve certification, satisfaction of self-insurance requirements, negotiation of security requirements and letters of credit, insurance budgeting, and determining the reasonability of quoted insurance costs are all common uses. Loss development serves as the […]

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5 Straightforward Steps to Starting a Cayman Captive

In the 1993 movie, The Firm, Tom Cruise plays the part of Mitch McDeere, a young lawyer who naively joins a law firm that is less than reputable. Mitch’s adventure leads him to the Cayman Islands, where you are led to believe all “bad” money goes to find a home. This type of representation of […]

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Delivering Safety Training to Today’s Connected Workers

I’m a research guy who reads newly published academic articles like people used to read the morning paper. So, in my efforts to understand the value of safety training, I naturally dove into the research. During this process, I read a broad spectrum of safety research studies, and the entries below constitute two of the […]

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The Choice is Yours: Compete With Analytics – or Get Beat by Analytics

The types of calls I receive on analytics typically fall into two categories. One is from producers who lost an account because the competition offered an analytics-based decision approach. As a result, they want to know how to go up against this type of broker in the future. The other is from a producer who […]

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How All Clients – Small or Large - can Benefit from Analytics

SIGMA recently celebrated six months of success with our new online product,, which contains training videos, resources, and the online version of Loss Forecaster. This process has prompted a lot of conversation about what types of analytics best serve clients of different sizes. As result, we are developing LORAN, a new analytic tool for […]

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The Challenge of Hiring Great Sales People!

For over thirty years of my career, I’ve been active in the property and casualty insurance brokerage industry, during which time I’ve traveled the country and met with hundreds of top brokers, sales managers, and agency owners.  Throughout this experience, conversations with my industry peers have always included one consistent theme – the significant challenge […]

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